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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 1, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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happening now, police pack up their barricades after an attempt to contain san francisco's occupy encampment led to a confrontation with protesters. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the protesters thought it was the raid they had feared but tonight san francisco's occupy encampment is still standing strong. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live with this evening's bizarre
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clash and the response from police, eric. >> reporter: frank if you take a look behind me you would really not know in was a problem out here tonight. police insist they brought in those barricades which of course are long gone because they're worried about dangerous conditions here at the camp, but that sparked a confrontation with people. and i can tell you it was not the only run in with officers tonight. this confrontation with protesters erupted at the sight of police setting up barricades around the sf occupy camp. some were convinced this was the raid they'd been dreading. >> it's just a preemptive strike to their maneuvering to take out this camp. >> there was no intention to come in and raid the camp. >> reporter: police claim they were only trying to contain what they call an increasingly hazardous location which included a fire earlier in the day. >> our officers on the north side of the barricades were
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finally attacked. the officers exercised great restraint. >> reporter: yet protesters say a woman at the camp was also injured in the process. and almost as soon as the barricades were up they came down again. as some in this camp celebrated a temporary victory others briefly clashed with officers again and took over the middle of market street to hold their general assembly. but with a deadline to clear out that's already passed, some admit time for this camp is running out. >> they can take all this stuff, we'll get more stuff. and we will be mobile, we will move around. >> reporter: now just about an hour ago we shot this video of police loading up all of those barricades but they've only said they are not clearing out the camp tonight. some protesters here have said they will take up the city on an offer to move to a new site in the mission district. we've talked to some people here tonight and i can tell you not everyone is on board with
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that camp. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. more than 100 students converge outside the administration building at san francisco state this afternoon. they took part in a debate with a campus president that lasted for about an hour. a small occupy encampment was then set up at malcolm x campus on the plaza. tents were not allowed but tonight there's no word whether the tents will be removed. one of san francisco's most famous attorneys is outraged this morning over that recent pepper spray incident at uc davis. in 20 minutes, tony serra tell us what he plans to do for those students. there is developing news out of oakland international airport tonight where air turbulence caused injuries on an inbound flight. about 45 minutes ago an airline spokesperson told us she and another flight attendant were
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both hospitalized with injuries. one passenger told us the turbulence lasted about 10 seconds. >> it was bad, the plane shook quite a bit and then it dropped. the kind where you're glad you had your seat belt on. >> the occurrence was so scary it caused some passengers to start crying. there were 96 passengers on board. a third flight attendant was hurt but not serious enough that it requires to go to the hospital. officials today fined a -- man for the death of two firefighters. cal osha fined the fire department $21,000 and sited $21,000 -- cited a lack of communication with firefighters and failure to keep two back up
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firefighters outside. the batallion chief entered the home alone and did not keep contact with other firefighters inside. the report by osha did not mention perez or vallerio by name or said if anything could have been done different to save their lives. a small safe boat capsized, dumping eight children into the water about 50 yards out. they were all wearing life jackets and the current pulled them and their boat toward shore. a good samaritan saw what happened and he tells us he helped the kids out of the water. >> one by one. >> and they were all soaking wet. >> they were soaking wet, shivering. one young man had the task of getting the sailboat back as well and he needed some help getting back into it. new at 10:00, firefighters are still on the scene of what started as a small grass fire but tonight wind quickly spread it to a three alarm fire.
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ktvu's jana katsuyama live in the colliard canyon area where that fire burned close to 2020 acres and fear fighters face some real challenges, jana. >> reporter: frank the wind is still strong out here right now, there's one fire truck behind me. but i want you to take a look up the hill because just about 10 minutes ago we saw some embers burning up there. they were spraying down water. you can see a cluster of fire trucks that are up on the ridge. the fire actually burned past that, but they are trying to just make sure that they're putting out any hot spots. i talked to the fire chief who tells me that the wind was just pushing the fire in all directions. they did get it under control about 7:30 this evening. take a look at this video right now, fire crews are mopping up and just making sure that those embers are out. the fire ended up burning about 193 acres. a neighbor we're told on collier called about a grass fire but when fire crews arrived they found the flames
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were moving quickly. the winds we understand were moving up to 65 miles per hour up here. there were no fire hydrants and crews said they had to truck in their own water to fight the flames. >> all of the access roads here are on farm and fire roads that are dirt roads that not all of them are located on our maps. >> reporter: crews from san ramon fire district, alameda, cal parks and calfire were all called in. some engines were sent to protect three residential structures that were near the fire area. >> the wind were very active, my captain sent us over here for structure protection because these people have a lot of vegetation around their house. >> reporter: right now fire crews say they don't know what
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caused the fire. there are no power lines we see in the area. crews say they plan to be out here for a few more hours to make sure things don't flair up. no structures were damaged and no one was injured but certainly these strong winds made this fire much more difficult to fight. reporting live in livermore, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. marshals tell ktvu news the subject in last month's fatal shooting outside the occupy encampment is in custody tonight in kentucky. about two hours ago we received this booking photo of terrell. he was arrested in lexington. he is now waiting extradition to oakland. shortly after that november 10th shooting, oakland city officials ordered the occupy oakland encampment to be cleared out. san francisco police say they now have the car that was used to run down a firefighter. last night we showed you this picture of the car taken from a surveillance camera. police say they found that
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damaged mazda cx7 this afternoon in the bay view neighborhood. eduardo esquival is facing homicide charges after hitting a volunteer firefighters. what happened in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant -- >> reporter: the mcdonalds parking lot is next to i80 in cordelia. this morning a gruesome scene unfolded here. >> when i walked by there was a body here and the crime scene people were working on it. >> reporter: the body was a man who police say had simply stopped to help someone in need. it was the owner of an rv with a dead battery. >> sometime in the starting of the vehicle the vehicle was going to go into motion and struck this individual. there's some evidence out there to indicate he may have gone beneath the vehicle and
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ultimately resulted in his death. >> reporter: the rv driver took off without helping the man who stopped to help him. >> we located the video, it was still close by in the area and the suspect was contacted. >> reporter: people in this area say that driver had been living in his rv for the past six months, in fact, this woman works at a restaurant where he often dines. she said his name is mike and that he tried to come in this morning shortly after the incident. >> we noticed his rv was parked and he had come around and we let him know that we don't open until 11:00. and he said, okay and walked over toward 7/11. >> reporter: acting she said as if nothing was wrong. police identified him as michael wilber of fairfield. officials identified the victim as rudy gonzalez also of fairfield. in cordelia i'm john sasaki. former san francisco crime
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lab technician debra madden has been indicted on federal chargeless. her attorney told us madden has been charged of stealing drugs. the san francisco district attorney declined to prosecute her. state attorney general harris also didn't pursue the case. madden's attorney said he doesn't understand where the federal jurisdiction comes into this charge. madden is said to be arraigned next wednesday. b.a.r.t. received a policy when it comes to shutting down cell phone service. the decision sparked the debate over free speech rights. b.a.r.t. limits shut down to safety or disruption in service. thousands without power and some communities literally cut off. i'm lloyd lacuesta in the santa cruz mountains, the high winds have subsided but this is
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what's been left in its wake. the power is out. back here in 10 minutes the national weather service has extended that wind advisory for higher elevation in the north and east bay. we'll talk about that and your
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you can see the aftermath
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of the strong winds that have been whipping the area. you can see the damage it left behind. in its latest update pg & e says about 2,000 customers in the bay area don't have power tonight. it is broken down by region with the south bay and east bay having the most. but in santa cruz county about 33,000 customers are still without electricity at this hour. one community in the santa cruz mountains is basically inaccessible this evening because of all the high winds. fallen trees and down power lines have closed up the conference drive isolating several hundred homes in mount herman. new at 10:00, lloyd lacuesta with some of the lingering problems. >> i'm at graham hill road and ninth. aside from our lights there's nothing else, no traffic signals, no street light, power has been out for more than 24
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hours now. conference drive into the community of mount herman is closed and for good reason. the strong winds brought down trees and branches which in turn brought down power lines. in this community of some 400 homes, we found one family making due. >> we're kind of used to it being in the mountains but it's usually not out this long. we have like candles that are battery operated. >> reporter: but the refrigerator is starting to defrost. and there's no connection to the outside world, no tv, no computer, no internet. >> for home work and stuff i need the internet so that's been -- not being able to check up on e-mails from my classes. >> reporter: the near by mount herman conference center is well lit because it has a generator running full blast. it's like an oasis of light in darkness. at around noon the wind tore a
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50-foot limb off this front yard tree. damaged power line and smashed a fence at this ben lomen home. >> it's a big surprise. i've never had this ham from all the time i've lived here. >> reporter: tonight when you're living in darkness it's nice to have a tv crew with portable light come by. >> can you guys stay while we play a few more days so we see what we're doing. >> reporter: pg & e says power may not be fully restored until this weekend. at least it's not raining. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu news. if los angeles county tonight, there is a state of emergency in effect, these pictures come from pasadena where a number of trees toppled as a result of the high wind. schools and libraries were closed because of all the damage left behind. at one point more than 380,000 homes in southern california had lost their power. the national weather service called the wind storm a once in
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a decade event. two people are dead following a crash this afternoon on highway 4. it happened just after noon near the middle river bridge in tracy. the collision forced the highway patrol to close the highway for four hours. investigators say the driver of a pickup attempted to pass a long line of cars. he apparently sideswiped a big rig and both vehicles ended up in an irrigation ditch. the identities of the two men who died have not been released. a body just recovered from the merced river may be one of two hikers missing from the yosemite park. three san joaquin residents were swept over the waterfall. they were hiking with friends at the time. rangers found one body a few weeks later but the other two had remained missing. former b.a.r.t. police officer mehserle was
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cleared today after claims that he beat up a man. mehserle broke down in court after the verdict was read. >> i guess he let his emotions go and the trial concluded. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. attorney says this was a -- deliberated five hours before concluding he was the aggressor, carrouthers was seeking $1 million in damages. carrouthers believe if video had existed the outcome in his case would have been different. as a result of this suit, b.a.r.t. now requires officers to require videos from station cameras whenever an arrest is made. while this case drew nothing
11:49 pm
close to the notoriety of the grant case, grant's relatives sympathized with carruthers. >> i did not think that he would get justice because i haven't seen a black man get justice when it comes to police. >> reporter: mehserle after his break down in court left the talking to b.a.r.t.'s attorney. >> háe would like to move on with his life but he knows he has things he has to deal with that were created on the night of the tragedy. >> it ain't over. >> okay. >> reporter: carrouthers is vowing to become a community organizer for police justice. and it's not over for mehserle either. he still faces a civil rights lawsuit from the other young men who were on the b.a.r.t. platform the night oscar grant died. in san francisco, debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. activists are vowing to power over the latest america's cup environment report. the report is more than 900
11:50 pm
pages long and deals with concerns raised during the review process. bay keepers executive director says she wants to make sure the port wiggles out of the civil environment. the board will review the report when it meets in two weeks. strong winds picking up on the san rafael bridge. a wind advisory has been extended for the north and east bay hills. no wind advisory for the sea level locations. that wind advisory stays up until 10:00 tomorrow morning. on the ridge line you will see winds still gusting to near 50 miles per hour. san leandro we had gusts near 60 miles per hour. but the winds are dying down, you notice that out there. big difference to what we're seeing right now. no fog in the morning. temperatures tomorrow are going to be on the mild side. mid-60s we're going to see upper 60s in some of the
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warmest bay area locations. we're looking for cold cold overnight lows. we'll talk about that. we'll look at your five day forecast back here in a few minutes. the holidays arrived tonight in downtown oakland. the three in oakland city center is now shining brightly. the oakland ballet, interface gospel choir were on hand for the opening. it's a legal battle he thought he had won but now attorney tony cerra is taking
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the public got to weigh in on plans to renovate the field salai fields. >> by putting synthetic turf and lights we will triple the amount of play time. and provide access for both competitive play and neighborhood play. there are other places in the city where artificial turf and lighting wouldn't be a problem. a final decision is expected sometime in the spring. new at 10:00, attorney tony cerra has made it a career fighting for community groups. >> reporter: when the league lion of the radical west saw this happening at uc davis he
11:55 pm
said he was sickened, shocked and mad. >> it is a form of torture. it's like shooting a bullet into your eye. to see this outrageous police brutality going against the law, going against their own policies, it was a disgrace, a national disgrace. >> reporter: it's the law attorney tony serra helped to establish. after officers in 1997 -- >> please don't. >> release. >> we're not torturing you anymore. >> reporter: sprayed then swabbed pepper spray in their eyes. >> it's disgusting. the law is clear, the law is so dog gone clear. >> clear that police can use pepper spray only to prevent harm to themselves or someone else. not to intimidate or retaliate. and now sarah, cal and sanford educated is one of the
11:56 pm
attorneys who will represent uc students for free. >> this is the up uprisingwe've e been waiting for. >> i don't think there's any law against eating fire and driving. >> reporter: almost 77 and still fighting after all these years. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu news. we now know what caused this massive fire that ripped over a building in berkeley. this is what the building looks like tonight as crews continue to tear it down. the fire was sparked after elevator machinery failed. the building housed 10 apartments and two restaurants. the king is joining ronald. a children's toy will cost you
11:57 pm
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cleaning up about two dozen gallons of fuel that leaked a freight train. it was noticed about 10:15 tonight and sand is being brought in to absorb the fuel. the neighborhood is made up of industrial businesses and none of the fuel ended up in near by waterways. ktvu's amber lee is live in san francisco where she took a peak backstage. >> reporter: we're just outside the war field theater where the holiday fundraiser is wrapping up. people are leaving after enjoying a concert features volunteers and famous musicians. >> reporter: well known musician pete escovido who grew up in oakland and his daughter sheila e. shared the stage with
12:01 am
a local man larry "bucketman" hunt. it's said -- who says he is a recovering drug addict. >> you have to believe in yourself, and cecil did that for me. >> reporter: cecil is reverent cecil williams. one 36-year-old woman told us glite saved her life. >> i'm grateful for everything. because the love was so unconditional. >> reporter: pete escovido told us playing with bucketman is what this event is about. >> that goes to show you what you can do if you have faith in god and the spiritual awareness that can turn your life around no matter how bad it is. so this is the message we want to convey.
12:02 am
admission to tonight's event range from 65 to $250. donations from vip and cultural sponsored were as high as $5,000. reporting live from san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and san francisco's city hall is a glow in red lights tonight. today december 1st is world aids day. a day set aside to remember those who have died of aids and to recommit to ending the spread of the virus. san francisco has been on the front lines of course in the fight against hiv and aids ever since the beginning of the 1980s. >> tom wadell. >> reporter: some of the names of those lost to aids were red at the national aids memorial. as their friends, family and loved ones all remembered. aids today is far different compared to those early days when the diagnosis offered little or no hope.
12:03 am
>> kind of a sad and poignant but extremely crucial time. >> and on this world aids day the white house is showing its commitment. a giant red ribbon adorns 1600 pennsylvania avenue. president obama detailed a new mission. a goal to get treatment for 6 million people. in tanzania former president george george w. bush and wife laura bush visited a hospital in tanzania. george w. bush increased funds to africa for aids. many hiv patients worry their supply of free medication will stop because the drug programs may run out of money
12:04 am
and the medications are expensive. most people can't afford them on their own. san jose may have dodged a fiscal emergency at least for now. it turns out pension estimates for police and firefighters are much less than expected. so the city's $80 million deficit could potentially be cut in half. however, san jose major chuck reed said the deficit problem hasn't gone away and he still may ask -- republicans signaled they would but they want to pay for it with cuts in the federal work force. president obama's proposal would pay for the cuts with a surtax on incomes above $1 million. a deal is possible before the end of the year. governor brown is about to
12:05 am
unveil a new tax but only if voters approve it. >> reporter: governor brown met with lawmakers this afternoon to talk about his pension reform plan. as for his new tax proposal, he stayed on message. >> i plan to fix the california pension system as quickly as possible. you come around soon and we'll talk about that other thing. >> reporter: soon could be tomorrow when his plan will likely be officially unveiled. it would raise the income tax by 1% for taxpayers making more than $250,000. and an additional 1-1/2% for those making $300,000 or more and 2% on income of more than $500,000. >> we should not be taxing people when they are losing their jobs and not putting food on the table right now. >> reporter: governor brown's initial plan is an end of round. talk for republicans to put
12:06 am
taxes on the ballot and exchange for reform went nowhere. now blown's initiative could join five other proposed tax increases on the 2012 ballot. >> you get that many competing tax measures on the ballot. voters are going to have ballot fatigue and say no. and jerry brown knows that's difficult for him. >> reporter: if voters approve the taxes would expire in 2016. but opponents of the initiative are skeptical that that would happen. ken pritchett, ktvu news. tonight on our ktvu facebook wall we asked if you would be willing to pay more taxes. david smith adds, depending on what higher incomes are. if it's over 150,000, yes and mark adds, by the way, we don't have a taxing problem, we have
12:07 am
a spending problem. strong sales of bay area car dealerships, what's fueling the sudden demand and which brands are doing best. back here in 10 minutes, we're going to look at tomorrow's overnight lows it's going to be chilly when we
12:08 am
12:09 am
san francisco firefighters attacked a two alarm apartment fire from the top down this morning. four residents had to be hospitalized. two of them were critically injured. residents told ktvu news a water heater may have started the fire. the fire department is still investigating. tonight a red cross official tells us all of the displaced residents were able to find a place to stay without the
12:10 am
agency's help. pg & e has been hit with a record $38 million fine for a deadly explosion. on christmas eve 2008, a gas explosion in rancho cordova killed a 72-year-old man and injured his daughter and granddaughter. the puc pointed to a litany of violations that led to that explosion. one of the few the puc has ever imposed. car sales surged last month on pace for their best showing since their cash for clunkers program. sales rose 14% from this time last year according to auto data. this is the strongest showing since august 2009. chrysler was the big winner with sales soaring up to 45%. november was the first month since the financial markets melted down in 2008. analysts are projecting sales to last through the end of the year and into 2012. >> we're obviously coming on
12:11 am
the heels of a record black friday. we did see a little bit of spike in that. you know so hopefully it's consumer confidence. all but one major auto maker saw their sales increase. honda's dropped 6%. in news of the world tonight, in myanmar clinton met -- off the coast of somalia, a british ship patrolling the area got an alert that a spanish fishing boat was under attack. the suspected pirates only stopped after a warning shot was fired. seven men were then taken into custody. piracy remains a huge problem
12:12 am
in the indian ocean. in australia, check this out. soldiers sáel baited the beginning of summer activity in sidney but neon surfing at night. they used neon tubing on their surf suits and used neon boards. australian considers december 1st to be the start of their summer. president obama and his family kept us an 89 yearlong tradition this evening. they lit the christmas tree. a new 26-foot tall colorado spruce from new jersey was planted in its place. back in 1923, president calvin coolage began that tree lighting tradition. neighbors say this time oh, those shoes are amazing. i just want to be her. really? she was married for like three hours. well, she's efficient. look at that color. wait a minute. didn't she name her kid hawaii?
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occupy protesters in santa cruz have now taken over a vacant bank building downtown. >> people need to leave immediately. >> reporter: according to protesters who have locked themselves inside this vacant bank, this santa cruz building is no longer for lease. >> there's a lot of people out here who have nowhere to go, nowhere to live. there's no jobs so yeah of course people are going to start doing things that we would not normally. >> reporter: coming and going through a roof vent and leaving through a barricaded door,
12:16 am
neighbors say this time they've gone too far. >> right now they're not standing up for the property owners here. there's tens of thousands of the dollars of damage to this person's property. >> reporter: santa cruz police pass by every few minutes but since protesters claimed the spot wednesday afternoon, officers haven't tried to force them out. >> the property owners clearly do want this to end as quickly as possible but for us the number one focus is on safety of people. >> reporter: police tell us there's no time line to take no aggressive action and protesters say they are staying. >> as long as it's necessary, as long as it takes the sort of to maximize what this space can do for santa cruz. the property owner declined to comment. police insist their enforcing this code. adds new york's major for 33 years david smith can be considered a rock for the east bay city. this afternoon a community group unveiled a 2,000-pound
12:17 am
sand stone bolder with a plaque honoring his service. after winning 17 consecutive two year terms smith decided not to seek reelection this fall. >> we've had some wonderful what i call yauza moments where we've had some fabulous things happen and to all of that we just continue to work together and function as a team. smith told us he plans on spending more time playing golf, more time with his grandchildren and playing the trombone. one week from today councilman neg is scheduled to be sworn in as new major. californians disapproval of congress and the failure of the super committee. 10% said they approve of the
12:18 am
job congress is doing, 84% disaapprove. when it comes to a view by political parties there is very little difference. apple says that its siri programs inability to get information about abortion programs is not intentional. the problem was first noted earlier this week by several bloggers. the stock markets were sluggish today one day after their biggest game in 2.5 years the dow lost 125 points. yahoo stocks surged today amidst rumors of a buy out. in response yahoo sales closed more than 3% higher today. the rumor mill has been
12:19 am
churning out almost a dozen potential yahoo buyers in the last month. there's a new you tube. the facelift was unveiled today. you tube is replacing it's white background with a touch of gray. it also displays two straight columns instead of scattered clips. we still have wind out there that wind advisory in the north and east bay hills. the winds are out of the north those will represent. look at this napa temperature. it's still kind of warm out there. now what i want to do i want to switch. that's the temperature, let's switch over to the dewpoint. because we were talking about those during the fog event we had. look how low the dewpoint is. 17 in napa, that indicates how dry the atmosphere is. when we had all that fog. dewpoints were in the 40s with
12:20 am
this dry northernly wind. the air, the atmosphere has been dried out and the dewpoints are right down there. we're not going to get near the dewpoint. overnight lows are going to be in the 40s and 50s. that wind advisory goes away in the morning hours. i think most of the heavy winds are gone and you will get a few more gusts out there. right now we have a 35 in fairfield. 35 in livermore. these are recent wind gusts within the last hour. 26 in santa rosa, so nothing like what we saw last night. overnight lows as i mentioned. upper 30s, 40s even some low 50s. the forecast highs tomorrow about what they were today. a little bit cooler. this low pressure center went down through vegas, they had snow down there. i think you saw if you were watching our 6:00 forecast we had video. but that low when it came down the backside of the sierra is what created the low. now it's going off to the east the winds back down. that's tomorrow. starting now but it's going to
12:21 am
be more pronounced tomorrow. so tomorrow nice day, starts off kind of chilly in the morning. depends where you are. then daytime highs tomorrow instead of upper 60s, low 70s like today. your friday looks like a nice day. greens represent 60s and that what we'll be seeing. the bay area tomorrow it'll be breezy. it's not going to be windy but breezy. mostly sunny for most of us. 65 throughout san jose and 66 in morgan hill. your five day forecast with a five day weekend. we're headed for a really cool weather event. as we get into saturday morning and sunday morning, frosty temperatures. especially wednesday morning. nice during the day mid-50s. >> some of the views are just incred
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
east palo alto's first skateboard park is officially open. it took a two year effort by the community to make it happen along with six months of
12:25 am
construction. before today skaters had to go to redwood city or menlo park to find a skate park. this one is located at bell street park on university avenue. >> mark ibanez joins us now. the sharks getting back on track tonight. >> absolutely. just a little example of how good the sharks really are. we're kind of spoiled. they lose a couple of nights in a row. what's wrong with the sharks as you would expect. absolutely nothing. completely different energy level tonight as they continue their dominance over montreal. they are the have notes when it comes to playing here. they haven't won since 2009. but ryan cloe off the rebound tieing goal with over 1:26. they have an over time it's scoreless. shoot out, joe pavelsky right between the legs. but niemi and excellent save. the sharks walk away 4-3
12:26 am
winners. many questions to be answered but at the outset it does not sound good with regard to the arrest of the raiders rolando mcclain. he was in alabama attending his grandfather's funeral. mcclain held a gun to an unidentified man's head. the man pled for mcclain not to shoot. according to coach hugh jackson, he will play against miami sunday afternoon. last year both seahawks and eagles made it to play offs this year nothing but problems including jackson who seems to have no interest in what vince young is saying to him in the sidelines right there. who has contract problems, things going much better for a cal product. seattle's lynch. he's gone. 30-yard touchdown 31-14 hawks win it going away.
12:27 am
philly in a dumper. they are 4-8. some may count down the days until christmas, others counting down the days until the warriors play their first exhibition game. that is december 17th against sacramento, they will play again sacramento on the 20th. the real deal starts on the 25th against the clippers. one of those little prechristmas gifts on the schedule tonight for stanford. seriously overmatt seattle university with sean kemp checking it out. jean gauge three. final picks of the first half, anthony brown for stanford. he will swipe it and finish strong. cardinals now 7-1. that is the sporting life, for a thursday night. >> not even close. >> thanks frank. >> it better not be. seattle university, sorry i know you're from up there, but not your school. >> it is what it is, i guess. it is what it is. mark, thank you. and thank you for trusting
12:28 am
ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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